Client: 3Roundburst / Disney XD

Role: Editor (AVID)

Date: 2015

Project Details

This project was my first real big chance after I arrived in Los Angeles. No matter how good you’ve done in the past, it’s always scary when the phone doesn’t ring and you are on your own in a new town, and this making a great game.

When I got the email to come meet with the producers on a set in Burbank, it was a reminder that I had what it takes to make it I. Los Angeles. When I arrived on set I was incredibly amazed how professional everything was, I knew this was my chance to work on something great. After talking to the producers, they told me to come to their office on Monday to start cutting. I was both thrilled and terrified at same time. 

The reason I was terrified was because we would be editing on Avid, which I assured the producers I could edit on. Which wasn’t a lie but wasn’t exactly the truth either. I had used Avid in college but always struggled with it.  At the time I was using Premiere, which I thought (and still do) that was the best software for editing available on the market. I knew Avid was the industry standard so in order to be more fluent with it, I had always set my keyboard shortcuts to match Avid’s. 

After returning home from the set, I quickly downloaded a trial version of Avid and spent the entire weekend mastering it. By Monday, I was fluent with the software and was able to effortlessly edit the promo. When opportunity knocks on the door, you better be ready to answer. That’s the lesson I learned with this experience and one that I carry with me everyday in my career. 

I still do freelance work for 3RoundBurst, they are an awesome company that do great professional work and I’m always happy to get a chance to work with them.